Kerstin Hilton grew up the daughter of a minister. Her father served small town churches throughout the Midwest. Her mother was the benchmark minister’s wife devoted to her husband and his calling. Living in the church parsonage meant that expectations of keeping up appearances and exhibiting model behavior were always present. Kerstin often felt like she was living her life in a fishbowl.


In 2005 she was serendipitously introduced to fused glass. She couldn’t believe the magic that occurred when glass, heat and gravity came together. She began her exploration of this art form with wild abandon. Her journey has taken her to seek the wisdom and expertise of other glass artists throughout the US, Canada and South Africa.


When asked about her inspiration, Kerstin states:

“It is at the ocean where I feel most calm and invigorated. Since I live in Portland, OR and keep a sailboat in Bremerton, WA my sources of inspiration are always close at hand. I create what I need to be more whole. My art pieces seek to capture the feeling of being at the ocean’s edge or sailing the waters of Puget Sound. I love colors that sparkle like the sea, ground us to the earth, and express life with fiery intensity. I love exploring the beach in search of textural elements that further reflect the experience of being near or on the water.”


She quickly named her glass art business If Wishes Were Fishes Glasswork, and refers to her studio as the Fishbowl. She’s definitely swimming!