April 2, 2015

Fresh Off the Presses

 Glass Gallery 2015
Each year the Oregon Glass Guild joins with other area guilds and puts on a show and sale at Portland’s Convention Center.  It’s a big event.  There will be over 40 glass artists; each showing their best work.
Other guilds at this years show are:
  • Creative Metal Arts Guild
  • Guild of Oregon Woodworkers
  • Portland Bead Society
  • Portland Handweavers Guild

Ann Cavanaugh and I will be sharing a booth again this year.  You can see more of her work here.  Ann does beautiful landscapes, deep and intriguing. This year her work has been influenced by other forces of nature as well.  Just you wait and see!

My art pieces continue to revolve around water themes and beach combing finds. As I prepare for the show, I notice that I am swayed by the four elements: air, water, earth and fire. It’s the movement of these elements that guides my senses as I experience wind, waves, and the place where water meets land.  

I seek out colors that sparkle like the sea.  I make efforts to develop texture and surface finishes that reflect the emotions I feel of being near or on the water.  I want to capture the feeling of being at the ocean’s edge or sailing the waters of Puget Sound.  After all, “if wishes were fishes…”  

This is a wonderful show.  For me, it’s an important show.  It’s a time and place where I come face to face with art seekers and appreciators.  A chance to to share thoughts of wind, waves, and beach combing finds.  And maybe even find thewarmth of a kindred spirit.  Please join us.