March 4, 2016

Metals Define Color Palette

Color combinations seem to pop into my head. I’m not too sure where they come from. Maybe they’re influenced by a magazine advertisement, a piece of china in the cupboard, a wool sweater on the closet shelf, or a fresh vegetable display at the local grocery store.

Lucky for me, the glass manufacturers have developed a large selection of colors and they are readily available here in Portland.

Then things changed.

Cadmium and chromium are two metals used in the forming of colored glass. Like many metals, they can have unwanted effects, prompting glass manufacturers to suspend their use.

Now production of reds, yellows, oranges, and some greens and blues has been halted until a solution is found. Inventory of colors using the metals was quickly snapped up by savvy shoppers. Wow! Just like that my color palette was suddenly changed!

Now what?

I needed a plan for how to prepare for the Oregon Glass Guild show and make art with the colors I have on hand.

I pulled out a stack of art magazines and thumbed through the pages. I poured over snapshots of days spent at the ocean. I looked out the second story window of my home and noticed how the neighbor’s roof contrasted or blended in with the sky.

All of this leads me toward a tonal color palette with just a splash of color.Anemones Magazine advertisement Yellow Sea fishermen Manzanita beach

The Oregon Glass Guild Show

Oregon Convention Center – Portland, OR

April 22, 23, 24, 2016

The annual Oregon Glass Guild Show is the end of next month, and I’m working in the studio every day. It’s fun to get ready for the event. And I love sharing a big booth with Ann Cavanaugh.  She’s also  finding her own way to address the same color shortages. Come and see us! We’ll be happy to show you what we come up with.

Until then, here’s a sneak peek of what’s happening in my studio.

IMG_1654 _DSC8325_150ppi