September 4, 2015

Seeing Red


Berries, cardinals, apples, reindeer noses, fire hydrants, poinsettias, roses, watermelons, morning skies, fashion runway carpets.  Red is everywhere…until it comes to dichroic glass.











I love dichroic glass for jewelry.  Dichro (in glass-speak) has been around for a long time.  The Romans used dichro-like glass during the 4th century in the creation of goblets and vessels.  We can thank NASA’s space program for the modern day processes by which dichro is now made. Dichro color is created by layering metal oxides on glass which results in a two colored glass.  One is a transmitted color and the other is a reflective color.  On top of that, these two colors shift depending on the viewing angle. It’s no wonder dichro colors are unique and somewhat unpredictable.  (It all gets rather scientific, and at this point my green/brown eyes tend to glaze over.)

Due to reasons I don’t understand, variations of blue, green, gold, and orange dichro are easy to manufacture.  But red?  That’s a different story.  For several years now I’ve been working with a glass maker to create a red that matches the red of my imagination.  Little did I know the journey the glassmaker and I would take. Our experimentation lead us to Cranberry, Burgundy, Coral, and Brick. All lovely colors that are part of my palette, but not the passionate color I sought. Until now.

Now I’m seeing RED!